I titled this post this way for a reason.  I’m really waiting for that, for a speeding ticket for working too fast on my writing.  I’m sure there’s a cop around somewhere that handles that. Of course, if he’s cute, I might not mine. 😀 But now on to business.

My test readers have already been informed (one almost came through the internet to grab for the file I suspect), but I’ll announce it publicly here.  The edit of Dark Mirror is finished.  I’m done tinkering with it for a number of reasons, including that I think I’ve lost perspective on it.  No, that doesn’t mean that I think it’s awesome.  For me, losing perspective means I worry that it isn’t any good at all.  Yeah, I know, too hard on myself probably, definitely pessimistic, but what the hell else did you realistically expect from me?    No one has ever accused me of excessive optimism. In fact, I don’t know that I possess any at all, let alone a large amount of it.

I did try a new thing with this edit, one that I found tremendously helpful.  I read it out loud.  Thank god I don’t mind my speaking voice (unless you record it and play it back to me, at which point I promptly loathe it).  339 pages is a lot of reading, but it’s actually faster now than it was before.  I made fewer edits, but caught more repetitious language and what I would refer to as partial edits that got messed up.  By this I mean where you can see that a word you should deleted when you first edited a sentence got left, things like that.  It was an interesting exercise, one I would suggest for anyone who wants to try to find every little nit in the manuscript.  I had actually test-driven the read aloud thing with the short story, but doing it with a novel is a whole different thing, I found.  Still, I’m very glad I did it and I think that will become part of my regular editing tool kit.

The book currently stands at 83,333 words (I swear, that happened by accident), 20 chapters.  I’m not going to look at it while it’s with my test readers, because I don’t want to tinker with it while I wait for their comments.  Instead, it’s time to work on something else, time to dive back in again.  Yes, I’m referring to Possession.

Part of me is a bit nervous about starting the sequel while the first book isn’t technically finalized in case something important changes, but I have to keep busy, and that outline is begging me to turn it into a manuscript.  So is Tavis, for that matter, but I think that’s just because we get to see things from his POV for part of the book this time.  Okay, I got to on the first draft of DM too, but that got cut in the interests of being able to tell that story right.  This time, I don’t think I can do it without him.  Yay, more Tavis!  Sorry, very unprofessional of me to have a crush on my own character, I know, but… Maybe, if I’ve done a decent job on the first one, you might get the chance to understand why I like him so much.  I haven’t decided when I’m going to start, but it will be another write-a-thon (aka NaNo) for sure when I do sit down to write the first draft of Possession, probably mid-February.  It may take me all 30 days (or more) this time because it’s the first draft (as opposed to take 2) and I won’t be on vacation for half of it.  I’m reviewing the outline now so I can make these decision. I clearly don’t know how to take time off from my writing, even when I’m sick (like today). At least I can do all this while downing Citron Tea and laying in bed, so I’m sort of resting.  I’m only a workaholic with writing, I promise, and one day, you might thank me for it, or so I dream.

Beyond that, it’s time to start at least giving some serious thought to the plot structure for book 3, The Nine, so I’ll be ready to start working on the outline when I finish writing Possession.  Seriously, I might need help… Maybe I’ll just do some reading, before my head totally explodes.  Hmm.

No, I haven’t forgotten picture time (but you knew that because it always comes at the end of the post). I don’t remember where I shot this, other than somewhere in Toronto, but I love this picture for it’s combination of colour and texture.