Now here’s an award I never thought I’d win, in large part because this blog is mostly about my writing.  Except now that I think about it, I’ve been including my photography and I do touch on other things as they come up.  *realizes she’s been turning herself into a pretzel lately* Wow.  It’s probably a miracle I can type with my body in that kind of shape.  I didn’t think I could bend that in that direction.  Hmm.

My favourite Kiwi has very kindly passed on to me a Versatile Blogger award, which caused surprise and delight in my over-worked brain last night.  I would have written up a post immediately, but exhaustion wasn’t even my big problem last night (but definitely present).  You’ll have to see my next post about writing to find out what the real, primary reason was for the delay.

Now, these things always come with instructions on how to not blow yourself up with them…  *turns it over, sees nothing, checks around clothing and shoe bottoms for a fallen slip of paper but finds nothing*  Um…  Well…  Wait, there’s an inscription on the ring… I mean award.  If I squint right I can read that.

1. Thank those who nominated me.

2. Nominate 15 other bloggers who I think deserve it.

3. Share 7 random facts about myself.

4. Add a picture of the award to this post (see above)

Wow, that’s some seriously fine print.  Well, LifeInTheFarceLane, you are most thoroughly thanked.  I suspect that this is payback for that hot chocolate recipe.  🙂  That stuff’s evil in it’s wonderful deliciousness, isn’t it?

I have to say, I feel so loved every time someone gives me an award.  I think that’s universal, but it’s also one of the surest sign that I joined a wonderful community the day I decided to set up my spanky writer’s blog on WordPress.  That’s one of the best parts of being here I find, is the other people you find and get to know.  On that note, my 15 Bloggers:

  1. Conversing With Novels never fails to make me laugh, and also feel less crazy about the amount of time I have spent talking to my characters when trying to figure out a difficult or unruly section of story.
  2. Maggsworld is a recent find for me, but as I have read back through her posts, I am very glad to have found her.  She makes me smile and it’s always wonderful when you find someone who sees on their own the simple wisdoms that you’ve found.
  3. Objects Gross & The Unseen Soul is a photography blog I discovered recently and love.  His work is beautiful and makes me want to go tramping around with my camera every time he posts.
  4. Improvisations on Reality discovering the blog of another writer who is editing while you’re going through the task yourself is a great experience and one that can bring a bit of solace and make you feel better about scary decisions you make as you wrestle with the beast of your own creation. And that was just the first bit of amusement and wisdom I got.
  5. Winsomebella has a little bit of everything and I always find myself smiling when I see a new post by her in my feed of blogs I follow.
  6. Dex Raven always amazes me with their Flash Fiction, something I know I could never write.  I don’t have that kind of brevity in me.  I can’t even do a short story.  Maybe that’s why I write novels…
  7. 4amWriter often says the things I’m thinking about writing but don’t always know how to get out unless someone else says it first.  Thanks for saying it first for me.
  8. MrTinney often makes me laugh so hard with his posts that I have to stop, grab a tissue for my streaming eyes and clean up before I can finish reading.  Usually it manages to come on a day when I needed that too.  Bravo.
  9. Of A Writerly Sort makes me smile, commiserate and laugh, and I always enjoy people who can do that.
  10. Coldfire Writer is never one to mince words, and I always look forward to her next post, about writing or anything else.
  11. Fictional Impulse is the only person in the entirety of WP that I know outside of the blogosphere.  Though her blog is new, I know how versatile she really is and the way she writes about the fun of trying to balance family and writing is always amusing.
  12. Johnsep has been sharing with us his experience in his new military life, and it’s been both eye-opening and fascinating.
  13. Novice Journal shares with us her poetry and sometimes makes me see things from a different perspective.  It’s often inspirational for my own writing, for which I am grateful.
  14. Peggy Isaacs is another recent find, but I find her insights and honesty about her own journey in writing something both relatable and a little inspiring.  I also love the included pet peeves, as many of them are so familiar.
  15. Tim Kane Books because I love anyone who refers to themselves as a word wrangler.  Also, humour is the best thing in the world in my less-than-humble opinion.

Wow, that was way harder than it looks.  Now, where was I in my to do list?  I think I’ve lost my place… Oh right, random facts.  Some new ones preferably, I think, since most of you seem to have read the last one.

  1. I have friends scattered all over the world largely because I prefer to socialize with people online (not sure why), but it drives my mother crazy because she thinks I spend too much time alone.
  2. I am the designated bartender at all family functions I attend because, after a couple of hours, I at least still remember how to mix the drinks because I don’t drink myself. I prefer Kahlua-filled chocolates if I really need alcohol that badly, and chocolate does the trick for me better than booze.
  3. I’m getting entirely annoyed.  After blissfully enjoying a winter thus far sans snow, I have now woken to fresh white crap on the ground for two days running.  I am presently refusing to open the blinds of my apartment window in hopes that the snow will take the hint and go away.  Preferably immediately, leaving no trace but moisture I can pretend came from rain.
  4. I like to treat my apartment as my own personal gallery for my photographs.  I have a bunch of framed 5×7 prints of my pictures up, and more prints that I need to buy frames for.  I really should do that sometime this year.
  5. I am blessed with two of the most awesome best friends in the world who are there whenever I need them, even though I now live across the country from them.  Can’t wait to see you guys this summer!
  6. Sometimes I like to turn my face to the sun with my eyes closed and let the energy soak into me.  I refer to myself as solar-powered whenever I do this.
  7. In spite of the title of my last awards post, I hate wearing dresses, to the dismay of the above mentioned best friends.  I’m an unrepentant tom-boy, always have been, always will be.  In fact, after a quick check of my closet, I just realized I don’t even own a dress anymore.  Cargos are very much my preference, even though my current pair hardly fit anymore due to weight-loss.

More difficult things on a Sunday.  Thank you very much for this award, LifeInTheFarceLane.  I always knew Kiwis were awesome.  Now to do laundry for the weekend and think about writing.  Why don’t we live in the world of my imagination, where there would be roving bands of house-work fairies who come in and do all housework for you for no better reason than that they enjoy it a hell of a lot more than I do?