As 2 of the last four chapters I’ve edited felt like knock-down drag-out fights, I felt that this was an appropriate title for this post.

So, here’s the good news.  I’m halfway through Dark Mirror now, a little over even, depending on how you’re measuring.  When I finished Dark Mirror’s second draft, it was 20 chapters long.  I have now edited 10 of those, thus halfway.  But the manuscript also sits at 302 pages (so far), and I’m at 166, which would suggest I’m a little over half.  Either way, I’m happy with the progress I’m making.  So far, only two of those 10 chapters have required any sections be extensively changed, and those two are parts I struggled with the first time around (if my hazy memory of those brain busting 15 days is to be relied upon, something I’m not remotely sure of).  I am much happier now with one of those two, and plan to go back to the other one as soon as I’ve done the whole book once through, to see if I can tweak it a little more, to the point where I’m at least okay with it.  Then it will be a quick read with no pen, no editing tools and, unless I am majorly unhappy (doesn’t seem likely at this point), off to my test readers.  I’m hoping that will be in the next week and a half, but I’m not sure, and I’m definitely not committing to that timeline.  There’s a lot going on for me at work at the moment, and some of it might spill a little into home time, even though I hate the very thought of taking the day job home with me, especially when it then cuts into writing time.   Oh well, something has to keep food on the table and a roof over my head.  More importantly, I have to keep electricity running to my many writing devices.

In the meantime, the ideas have been a little slow, mostly I think because I’m focusing so much on the edit.  I haven’t gotten anymore work done on the outline for Possession lately, but I did just figure something out about the goals in the third book, The Nine, which might influence Possession some.  I have to think about that part though, as I’m still not sure if it will be in Possession.  Decisions, decisions.  Also, I think the other problem is that Carol Berg’s new book, Daemon Prism has taken over my brain every moment I’m not working on DM or at the day job.  Very awesome book so far.  I love her writing, her stories and her characters.  If only I was half that good…  And none of you get to argue with me on that, because you’ve never read my writing beyond blog posts, and that’s not even close to being the same thing.  One day, we’re getting there, I think.

I really wish I had more to say, but the past few days have left my brain feeling like a wrung out sponge.  Le sigh, you’ll all have to make due with this and a picture.

This statue/water fountain is in downtown Vancouver.  I’ve shot it a couple of times, because I love the lines and shapes it makes, combined with the water.