After a couple of posts about something other than writing, I guess that it’s time to let you know that I have actually been doing something other than blogging about the awards some very nice people have given me.  Thank you again, though, guys.  Really, you made my weekend with those.

I’ve been steadily editing Dark Mirror, getting through a chapter a day, which puts me at 3 done, plus the one I’m going to be doing today.  I think today I’ll also enter the changes from the ones I’ve done, rather than waiting until I’ve finished editing them.  You never know what you might end up finding/changing when you go to actually work on the manuscript, as opposed to just scribbling notes and crossing stuff out.  I could do more, but I have a lot on my plate and I don’t want to rush through this and miss the obvious or important as a result.  That said, I am relatively happy with it, happy with the story certainly.  It’s still early in the manuscript, but I don’t think there are going to be any major changes, though maybe some additions to some parts, to flesh them out, further develop things I’m becoming aware of for other reasons.

And that brings me to the other things I’ve been doing in the last few days of my nearly-over vacation.  The outline for Possession is going well, though I’m still groping around for the details of the ending.  I know certain things that have to be in place beforehand though, and some things that occur as part of the ending, but the specifics, the where and how are still out there in the murk.  It’s a start, and I’m sure the exact details will come if I can just stop thinking about it for a bit.  I know it will, because that’s how it always works.  I’m doing something else and my story smacks me upside the head with absolutely no subtlety.  Every time, same thing.  One day, my muse is going to give me a concussion and then where will it be?

Further to that, The Nine, which will be Book 3 and the close of the trilogy, is advancing nicely in the notes stage.  Mostly general story stuff.  The beginning and the end of this are as yet proving elusive, but that really doesn’t worry me, for a number of reasons.  For one thing, the beginning will flow out of the ending of Possession, once I have that.  As for the ending, I have time to get there. It’s going to be significant, I know that, and I’m getting some hints regarding it, so I know it’s somewhere in my brain.  That said, so are a lot of things.  I feel like a prospector panning a river for gold some days.  Wait, what’s a toad doing in my pan?

In any case, I haven’t been totally idle on the writing front either.  One of the blogs I follow offers writing prompts periodically.  I’ll be clear, I don’t do them often, partly because I really don’t need MORE ideas floating around in my head.  Really, I don’t.  It’s already crowded and I will never have time to get to them all, even if they stop now, which doesn’t seem terribly likely.  But this one tweaked on one that’s been floating around in there for about a year.  Dawnstriders is an interesting idea, and I love the FMC (Female Main Character, for the uninitiated.  Congrats, you’ve just been initiated, don’t you feel special?), but I only have a general storyline for it, and a beginning that I wrote a while ago that has always seemed awkward, not quite right.  Then I saw this prompt, which had a picture of someone backlit by the dawning sun, and the real opening fell into my brain.  I wrote it, I like it.  I typed it up, so it’s all nice and saved now, backed up even.  I think I figured out part of the problem I was having.  You see, I typically write in a POV (Point of View) called limited 3rd person.  Think of it a bit like sitting on the character’s shoulder.  It’s not first person (I), but you still don’t know more than that POV character does.  There is, however, a small amount of narrative distance.  Dawnstriders, however, seems to fit and flow better as first person.  I’m willing to try it, and I had toyed with making DM first person, but when I started working on draft 2, I kind of forgot that plan and slipped straight into my usual POV.  I think it ended up working for the story, but different stories require different things, and part of me still wonders a bit about how DM would have turned out in first person.  Oh well, roads not taken and all that.  You still have to choose and live with the choice you made.

On that subject, I’m having some fun *does her evil author look* with the outline and story-spinning for Possession.  You see, there are some rampant misconceptions from some characters about others.  It stems from emotional entanglement, forgotten memories and incomplete knowledge (aka the same reasons the rest of us do that), but some of that incomplete knowledge gets cleared up in book two.  It’s going to be fun to write those parts, to see the changes, the regrets for choices that can’t be undone, the words spoken that can’t be retrieved.  That’s the thing with life, and therefor with stories.  Once a choice is made, you have to live with it and all the consequences that flow out of it.  Oh, sure, the author can change their mind about choices, but I tend to believe it should only be when the story calls for it (like when I had to rewrite all of DM because I changed something fundamental.  I couldn’t avoid that change, and the story is infinitely better for the change).  Yes, I know I’m being cryptic.  I don’t want to spoil the story for people, but I wanted to share my thoughts on consequences of choices.  That should be part of telling the story, not just the choices the characters make but also the consequences and them trying to live with those consequences and any regrets they may have as a result.

Oh, and before I go, I thought I’d share a picture from my somewhat vast collection of my own work.  I should start getting it out there at some point, and now is as good a time as any.  I hope you enjoy it.  🙂