I hope you all had a good Christmas, and Boxing Day if you happen to be in a country that celebrates that one.

You know you have no life when you can spend all of Christmas day writing and no one complains.  Do you know what that means?  I officially have no life outside of my writing.  I mean, that said, it was a very productive time for me, and I’m happy about that, but there’s something slightly sad when you can ignore holidays without social repercussions.  Oh well.

Dark Mirror is progressing well.  I’ve gotten full swing into full-time-writing mode, with some spectacular totals lately.  5,449 on the 24th, 6,346 on the 25th (see what I meant?) and 6,038 today.  Some nice work, too, including some very key scenes, so I’m quite proud of myself.  Thanks to all that work, I now have a total of 54,288 words written of the new draft.  That means I shaved 6 days off of the time it takes me to get to 50k from my NaNo achievement of 18 days (it’s now day 12 of this write-a-thon).  Even I’m impressed by that, especially since the quality has also gone up this time around.

I am, however, starting to wonder when I will learn to stop worrying about length.  You might recall that in the last couple of posts, I had been worried, then not worried about the length of the book so far compared to my outline.  Specifically, I had been concerned that I was writing too much, progressing through the outline entries too slowly, and that this draft would be even longer than the first one, putting it in the territory of being a hard sell for an unknown writer to an agent/publisher (I think that starts at the 125k range, but don’t quote me on that).  I must now revise that statement and say that I’m not worried in the least. In fact, at this rate, it might be shorter.  It’s hard to say, which is why I’m going to try to learn in future to just let it be, but they’re getting ready to leave for the place where the climax happens.  There’s a major scene to go through before they even leave, but it’s not a long journey, not a lot will happen on the way there other than an important conversation, but still, I’m looking at being at almost 55k now and then at how much actual story is left and thinking I was worried about nothing.  Oh well.  If anything, shorter gives me room to add stuff that might need to go in and didn’t make it.

I have ended up reading a few previous scenes, stuff I wrote days ago, generally while looking for specific parts to see if I had mentioned something (I have a piss-poor memory when I write this much in a short time period) and I’m surprised how much I’m liking what I’ve written.  I haven’t read it from start to finish, of course, because this isn’t the time for that, but the parts I’ve read have been good.  I’m allowing myself to be encouraged by that while still remembering that it’s going to need editing, that I’m not done yet and have to keep performing to that same level.  It’s a balancing act, I’m telling you, but I’m working it.  🙂

I’ve been so busy with DM that I haven’t given much thought to my other ideas beyond what comes that needs to be written down immediately.  However, today I did get a small glimpse into something major for a sequel to DM (or maybe it’s for the book after that, because this has long felt like it’s really a trilogy, I just don’t know all the stories for it yet), and it’s something major.  It actually made me sit back and say “Woah” and that’s pretty rare for me.  Don’t worry, it’s safely noted down.  I’m just not sure how much I want to hint at it in this book, or if I want to at all.  I think I have to leave it open enough to be a possibility, but we’ll see.  I don’t want the readers to guess it in this book, for a lot of reasons that I’m not prepared to discuss as yet in this blog, but they’re good ones.  I’m going to keep it barely-there kind of subtle, I think, and then see what my beta readers say.

Okay, I think that’s probably enough of me banging on about my writing for one night.  Sorry, no major inspirational lessons or insights to pass on this time.  Better luck next time on that.  My brain is locked into writing mode right now, I think.