I should have posted last night, and I did mean to, but I could barely keep my eyes open, so I went to bed and slept in. As it’s the first day of my vacation, so I felt entitled to do that. Given how late I slept in, I probably needed it more desperately than I was aware of.

The past couple of days have been good ones for writing, writing in the 3700 range each day, and I’m up to 36.5k on the second draft of Dark Mirror. As an aside, I can no longer even mention the working title of the novel without thinking how much I need to find a title that works better, because DM no longer even remotely fits. Oh well.

My ten days of vacation start today and I expect that my totals will go up as a result, since I can slip in and out of writing all day now. I’ve written a couple of key scenes in the last two days, and I have some more coming up, so it’s an interesting time. I’m very aware that these are important scenes and I’m trying to sculpt them a little, which is part of what’s slowing me down a bit. I want to come through this draft with something actually readable (not publishable yet, I know that’s too much to ask from even a second draft) plus I know I’m going to be building on these scenes as I work toward the end, do I need to make the right choices now where my outline has room for choices.

On the subject of my outline, I’m surprised to find myself right on schedule from a words versus length of outline perspective. There are 37 entries in my outline (the level of detail and length of storyline in each entry is highly variable, but it averages out mostly I think) and I just finished entry 13. Given I’m shooting for about 100k again for final word count and I’m a little over 36, that puts me at a third done on both scores. That shocked me, because I had felt that I wasn’t getting through my outline fast enough compared to words, that this was going to end up as an excessively long draft, but it hasn’t turned out that way, so far at least. I’m not really sure why it’s worked out this way either. Maybe it’s just a testament to my subconscious’ skill as a writer (yeah right, whatever).

What I currently find most interesting is that it feels like I’ve been writing this draft for a while, though when I sit down and add it up, it’s only been nine days, not including today. I don’t think it’s that I already wrote a draft of this either, because the story I wrote for NaNo had significant differences. To me, the feeling seems to stem from a combination of two things. The first is how much I’ve learned to this point as a writer, which is an immense amount during the outlining and writing thus far, and the second is the amount that has happened in the book, and that too has been a lot. I experience this sometimes when reading a book, even more so when I go racing through a series that spans years of in-book time. I finish, realize I’ve only been reading for a month or however long, and feel like it has to have been longer, because the in-story time was so much longer. It’s kind of fun to get that feeling from my own work, because it suggests that I’m on the right track with it, that it’s managing to engross me enough as I write it to mess with my sense of time like work from my favorite published authors. Highly encouraging to this fledgling author who wants to be published one day.

In other news, I have yet another idea tugging at me, and it’s starting to shape into something more than a character and ability sketch. Time Lord, as I will be referring to it, is starting to develop into a story! The main conflict is starting to shake itself out of the dust, as well as the main character’s more personal conflict. It’s an interesting idea too, and will make demands on me as a writer for growth and attention to detail. I’m not sure if I’m skilled enough yet to write it well, but we’ll see. I also have to keep in mind that the first draft is more about getting the story down than being good. I’m a long way from starting that first draft on it anyway, so I have time to grow. I think The Ailing Tree is more likely to be my next story anyway, as I’m continuing to work on the outline a little, when I need a break from DM. Too early to worry about that though, anymore than I’m thinking too much yet about whether to go traditional publishing or self-publishing for DM. Too much work to do yet for that question to really get on the radar. Hell, I probably wouldn’t think at all about it, but I keep reading in blogs here on WordPress about other writers having the debate with themselves, which inevitably leads my mind to the question for me. Oh well, a worry for another day. First, to finish second draft of DM.

Oh, I hear Fay and Tavis calling, so I have to go now. Take care, everyone.