It’s been a good weekend, with me mostly keeping focused on the task of writing the second draft of Dark Mirror, interspersed with some gaming to keep my minimal sanity more or less intact. I’m very happy with the progress this weekend, both in word count totals and the story itself. A miraculous thing happened actually. This time, it didn’t take me 30k to get Fay and Tavis together. They met at the end of my writing session yesterday, about 11.5k. Much better. And I’m glad to not having to wait that long for him too. I missed Tavis. Crazy, I know, but he’s a sweetheart, for all that he spent most of November driving me nuts.  I kind of wish I could still tell this story partly from in his head but sadly, I can’t.  Maybe I’ll see about doing that in the sequel (yes there will be one, though it’s still vague and nebulous given I’m still nailing this one down and other projects are trying to use what few brain resources are not committed to this draft).

I’m working to develop the relationship more between Tavis and Fay this time, partly because it isn’t the same as last time and the portion of it that was automatic before now isn’t. It’s interesting, and is showing me elements of both their personalities I hadn’t really noticed before, so that’s fun.  Also, it’s challenging them both as individuals, Fay particularly.  It’s making her more aware of her own biases, including how they relate to her own life and situation.

I am spending a little more time on word-smithing this time than I was during November, which I hope will lead to a lesser need for editing when I have this draft done. I feel quite confident that I can make my goal even with that, largely because of how much I beat even my current goal by during NaNo (75k vs 107k, yeah, I win), so I figure I have the time now.  And it doesn’t seem to be slowing me down either (see later in this post) It also might help to reduce the post-draft-completion shock, allowing me to put it in the hands of certain wise readers for comments that much faster, without all the agonizing and the need for a total rewrite that I’ve had this time.  I’m cautiously optimistic on that score.  I have to say, I love the idea of finishing this draft and not having a total meltdown again.

So, now that I’ve gone through all that, I guess I should get down to actual numbers.  I thought I did fairly well yesterday, as I said at the start, putting in 4,709 words for the day.  That was what I would have considered an awesome day at any point pretty much during November, when I was putting in between 2-3k per day for the most part, weekends getting to the higher end of that spectrum.  I figured I wouldn’t be able to pull that again tonight, especially since I couldn’t write until about 11 again tonight because of work tomorrow.  I love being wrong about stuff like that.  I had a slow start but a fabulous finish today, putting in a total of 5,513 words for the day.  That brings me to a total of 17,078 words so far on the manuscript.  To put that in perspective, during NaNo last month, when it’s supposed to be speed demon time, it took me about 7.5 days to do that much, and now I’ve done it in 4.  Some of it is having a better idea of where the story is going, a better outline and all that.  I think some of it is my brain getting into the habit of writing.  It feels a bit like when you’re working out and building any muscle on your body, the more you do it regularly, the more you’re able to do.  It’s a nice feeling, though I’m sure that my fingers will one day place a finite limit on how much I can write in a single day, no matter how good my brain may or may not get at it.

One final note before I call it a night and close out the weekend as far as writing is concerned.  I’ve been spending a lot more time in the last couple of weeks getting out in the blog community and making connections, particularly the writing community within the WordPress blog community.  I’m constantly impressed at the amazing ideas and thoughts everyone out there has.  I’ve learned things from many of you, at least one of which actually made it to my writing epiphany wall so I wouldn’t forget it, and others have written things that confirmed to me that I have definitely matured as a writer (and am continuing to mature) and might be on my way to having a chance to make something of myself in this particular arena.  I hope that one day, I’m able to pass that on to someone else, that feeling that you’re making progress on the path that hopefully leads to one day being a published writer, because I’m all about giving back to a community that gives me so much just by being there and thinking out loud.  To all those I’m following, keep up the good work.  To those I haven’t discovered yet, I’ll find you one of these days.  To those who are following my blog, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.