Those of you who know me in real life already know this, but for those of you who only know me through this blog or my involvement with NaNoWriMo this year, patience is not one of my strong suits. I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say I have none, but it’s definitely in limited quantities that are quickly and easily exhausted. You’ve gotten glimpses of this already, such as my inability to wait even a full day before reading my NaNo manuscript, or more than 24 hours for my outline of the second draft. So I’m sure none of you are surprised that I started my write-a-thon a day early.

That’s right, I started writing last night. I couldn’t wait any longer, I was ready, really, I was. I must have been, because even though I didn’t start writing until about 8 pm, I still managed to get in 3,067 words last night. I was up until 11:40 or so doing it, and wasn’t all there at work today, but writing is more important anyway. Fortunately, I had found my brain again by the time I got home, and have been tapping away ever since, writing a further 3,789 words, which is more than respectable and easily beats my pace.  This brings me to a total of 6,856 at the close of day two.  I say close because my eyes are trying to close as I write this blog entry.  Thankfully, I’m a touch typist, so that’s not nearly as big of a handicap to blogging as it probably should be.  At least my brain is still churning out coherent sentences.  I hope.  Otherwise, you are all going to be scratching your heads and I’ll look at it tomorrow with complete embarrassment.  Oh well, let’s get back on subject:  Dark Mirror Second Draft.


I will say that I’m already so very much happier with this draft.  Whether that will last for the rest of the 100k plus words I still have to write is anyone’s guess at this point, but when I think about my outline and the changes I’ve made to the story, I think it will.  The story is already more dynamic, with Fay being more of a participant, and that’s good since this is, as I said, her story.  She should be the one driving it with her choices, and now she is.  I’m also introducing one of the major conflicts much earlier, and I think that it’s more interesting for it.  There’s so much that I’ve learned and am applying already that I’m finding it very encouraging as a writer.  I feel like the work I put into the first draft, the blogs I read from other writers and the time I spent re-imagining this story are going to pay off and are reflective of real growth for me as a writer.


I also find I’m sticking with the outline a little more closely this time, though still not being super-strict about it.  I think it’s more like it’s a natural outgrowth of the greater amount of thought and development that went into this outline over my initial one that very loosely guided me through NaNo.  So I’m ending today in a good mood, and looking forward to getting up and writing tomorrow, though I will have to take a small break for an errand as long as the weather isn’t too miserable.  Okay, I think that’s all the work my brain is willing to do for the rest of the night.  I’ll catch you all next post.