There are no words to describe how I feel right now. An odd thing for a writer to say, I know, but it’s true. I’m sitting here staring at my NetBook’s screen, seeing the magical words I just typed and all I can manage is a kind of stupefied amazement. I did it. I wrote it all, beginning to end, it’s all there. I made it to The End. Dark Mirror, first draft, is complete.

Wow. I mean, just… Wow.

It’s been a busy few days since November ended, officially ending NaNoWriMo. I’m still tagging this post for that, since it’s only a few days into December, and Dark Mirror is still very much a creature of NaNo in my mind. Life, as always, tries to get in the way and I came home and wrote anyway. Last night was the most mind-boggling yet, mostly because I wrote the major climax scene and sat there beforehand telling myself, “it’s all been building to this, don’t screw it up”. Way to take the pressure off, huh? But I wrote it, and I think it’s pretty good, not that I’ve really read it much. Today was wrap-up stuff, which I found harder. A character I hadn’t anticipated added himself to the story only a few days ago, and he ends up figuring heavily in the wrap-up, so I had to completely revamp that part this morning. I’m not completely happy with the ending, but it’s first draft and that’s allowed. The important part is that it’s done! 107,454 words and complete

So, the question is, what will I do with all this free time I now have, with the first draft done? Well, I still need to do some rewriting on the first half (thanks Tavis) so I may at least assess how bad that is and, if not too daunting, I may do that before sticking Dark Mirror in the drawer to age a bit. And if I don’t do that, or afterward if I do, there’s another idea kicking around, that I’ve been making some decent headway with, and I may start outlining that. The Ailing Tree has some serious promise, and the characters are starting to make themselves clearer to me every day. I’m looking forward to that one, possibly more than I’m looking forward to editing Dark Mirror.

I want to again thank you guys, everyone who reads this blog and my friends and family on Facebook. You guys were a big key to getting through this whole first draft, to writing every day and getting it done. There was something about having an audience and a place to report my progress that was very motivating to me. On the nights that I didn’t feel like writing, what got me pounding away at the NetBook anyway was the thought of having to confess to you guys that I hadn’t written, or hadn’t hit my goal for the day if I felt like quitting with less than 1667 words for the day. I don’t think I would have managed without that. It would have been too easy to tell myself that I’d catch up later and get into the habit of letting it slide, then not succeeding. Thank you for helping me keep on target.

So now I give my poor brain a little bit of a break, just notes for a couple of days. I think I deserve it. I’ll update you guys when I get started editing this beast. I’ll need some place to cry about it anyway. :p