The title says it all. While the numbers will come later in the post, let me just start out by saying I expected to be this far after my whole extra long weekend, not halfway through it. Those of you on my Facebook friends list have some idea what is coming, but now you get more details.

Keep in mind that I kind of wanted to push myself this weekend, what with being relatively close to the end of the first draft (on the final third by my very loose estimate of how long this will go), and the fact that I don’t often have this many full days in a row to write. Apparently I took myself very literally on that idea. Last night, I wrote myself into a gibbering-idiot state, but I kind of earned it. I wrote 5,095 words, taking me to a fairly mind-blowing total of 75,215. I went to bed happy, and hoping that my brain would have returned to its proper place in my skull by morning, since I still had three more days of writing ahead of me and thought I might need it (odd idea, I know).

I guess that I took yesterday’s total as a challenge today. I kept surprisingly focused today, wrote most of the day and put up a (whatever comes after mind-blowing) total of 5,208 today. This means I’m at 80,423 words right now and I’m disgustingly pleased with myself for that total, since I was only aiming for about that much for the end of the month as of my last blog post. Clearly I will be at least at 85k by the end of the month, maybe 90 of my brain doesn’t flame out before then under the strain of this kind of ambition. I could do more tonight, I’m shockingly still with it enough to do more tonight, but I’ve kind of written to the point where I haven’t had enough time to think about what comes next. It’s still a little too fuzzy to write those parts right now, so I’m giving myself the rest of the night to think. Also, I remembered that I should do a blog post at this point, which meant another bunch of words, so here I am, expending more words on the screen, and you even get to read these ones.

I’m actually building up to that major climactic conflict right now, the final steps on the path that will take Fay and Tavis there, along with a couple of other people, one of whom just introduced himself to me yesterday, and didn’t mention until an hour ago that he was going with them. While I know this thing is fairly rough still, will require some serious elbow grease to polish up enough to query, I have hopes for it and I’m very proud of getting even this far. By far, this is my longest attempt at a novel to date, and I have this tantalizing feeling in the back of my head that the words The End might actually get written this time. Omg, that would really just make my year, which has been rough, as many of you know already. I would love to end this year feeling like a victor, like I accomplished something important to me.

I’ll just have to keep whispering to myself, I think I can, I think I can.

Before I forget to mention it, I’m still having a bunch of ideas and fragments popping into my head and I’ve turned a few neurons loose on what I think will be my next project. I swear, with me, writing always seems to be a case of “when it rains, it pours”. No, I’m not complaining about the ideas, except in the sense that I don’t know where I’m going to find the time to write them all into novels. Poor, poor me, I know. You’re all so sympathetic, aren’t you? 🙂

Okay, back to thinking story stuff so I have something to write tomorrow and the day after, plus maybe some sleeping. Until next time, everyone, take care.