So I’m sitting here trying to decide if I’m done for the night.  It’s been a good couple of days, in spite of one very bad event in my life.  My iMac had a bit of a fit for no apparent reason, suddenly refusing to turn on.  There are two pieces of good news in this, though.  First, before anyone reading this panics, no, that is not the computer I write on.  I love my iMac, all 27 inches of visual beauty, but I hate sitting at my desk to write actual draft.  I much prefer doing that while sitting on my bed, so I write on an Asus EeePC Netbook.  It’s little, but has a decent keyboard and keeps me focused on the job, especially since I have wi-fi turned off on it almost perpetually.  Second, and more importantly to me, it’s fairly new (purchased in June) and therefor the repair is being covered under warranty.  Yay.  But that does mean that I am without my iMac for probably the rest of the week as they order the parts and do the repair.  Ugh.  Oh well, it’ll keep me focused on writing during this last full week of NaNo.


So, as you all know, things have been rolling right along.  As I said, yesterday was good, even though I got home from taking the iMac to the Apple Store.  Still managed to get in 2162 words.  Tonight has been good too, no late start, plot moving along and 2547 words written.  So far, I think.  I’m really not sure, as I said at the beginning of this post.  You see, I have been telling the story from both Tavis and Fay’s points of view, switching between them.  I have part of what I intended to include in the current chapter (14, btw) that I’m not sure if I want to tell from Tavis’s point of view, which I have been using for this chapter, or if I want to switch to Fay’s.  I can make some pretty strong arguments for doing either, so I’m a little torn at the moment.  I’m almost thinking of compromising and doing a bit of both, continuing with my original plan to tell the rest of the planned chapter with Tavis, then starting the next chapter with a retelling of the parts that I want to tell from Fay’s eyes.  It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done it so far, and this is an equally pivotal point in the story in many ways.  But I think I’m going to sleep on the idea before I decide for sure.  It’s not like I haven’t written enough, and I kind of feel the need for a diversion from writing at the moment, a break really.  I’ve been writing pretty steadily for the last few hours, so I think I kind of deserve it.


No, I haven’t forgotten to mention the total word count thus far, really.  I just wanted to get all that other stuff off my chest first.  I am currently at a total word count of (drum roll please, thank you) 61,006 words!  I’m not sure how much more I’ll get done this month, especially since I have some doubts I’ll be able to take the two days off I was hoping for Monday and Tuesday next week due to other stuff going on at work, but we’ll see about that.  I may take them off anyway as I feel a bit of desperate need be away from work for a few days.  In fact, I feel like saluting myself for getting all that writing done last week, despite it being an all around crappy week at work.  I swear, writing is my salvation on many fronts.  Anyway, all I was trying to say before I so rudely interrupted myself for that digression was that I’m certain I can get to 70k, maybe 75, but I think 80k will be a stretch (and no, I don’t think the story will be finished by then, though I might be almost there when I hit 80k.  We shall see).  Oh well, yay for More Writing in December.  Yeah, still not liking that phrase much.  Any better suggestions for what to call it when it’s not NaNoWriMo anymore?


Oh, and I’m finally thinking about one of my more ambitious projects and making some small headway with shaping it into something.  It’ll have to be a series because that was always an integral part of the idea.  I’ve made some key decisions with it, and I’m looking at 5 books for it (omg, approximately half a million words, how my fingers and brain already ache).  If I can pull it off, it’ll be something really special, or so a little bird once agreed when I told her a bare-bones outline of the idea.  I may need to pick her brains again about it at some point, but not until I’ve got a better idea of what I want and need to do with it.


Okay, I think that’s all you’re getting out of me this evening.  Late-NaNo fatigue is starting to catch up with me, or maybe it’s just a couple weeks worth of work stress, or the cold that won’t go away entirely.  I don’t know, but I’m off in search of a diversion.  Love you all, have a good night/day/whatever time you’re reading this.