When this novel is over, I’m really going to have to count how many times over the course of writing it I break my brain. I think I’m around six or seven right now, but I’ll have to wait until my ability to count returns to say for sure. Yes, that means it was a good weekend, but wow, my brain feels diced at the moment.

Don’t you love that, after hitting 50k, I just dove right back in without taking even a moment off, or to slack off? I think that means I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’ll let you all be the judge of that. Saturday I spent the entire morning and some of the afternoon doing up a revised version of the outline to account for the total change in path to the ending. After I got through that, I had a late lunch, at like 2 pm and dove back into writing. Those of you who have me on Facebook will know I was not totally confident I could do more than maybe the pace number, let alone make my unofficial personal goal of 2k per day minimum. That was not a problem. Did 2,615, quite respectable for a half day of writing and does not include a single word of all the outline work I did. I did a little more sometime after midnight (was up watching a movie, Limitless, and then felt the urge to write a few more lines before bed) but that goes in today’s total. As it was only a hundred words or so, let it not detract from the 3,575 I did today in and around chores. So this brings me to a current total of 56,297 words for the story. I’m not sure that I’m done for the night, but I think I am. I just finished Chapter 12, and there’s a major shift in location in 13, so it’s a good place to stop for the night while I think about what I need to do next. We’re into the heart of the detour that Tavis has insisted on, so it’ll be interesting. Still thinking I’m going to end up in the 90-100k territory when this is done. This is going to be a total beast to edit. No, no, let’s just keep focused on telling the story.

In other news, I haven’t talked too much about the ideas front in this blog, partly because I’ve been trying to keep myself focused on Dark Mirror, but today I had this totally kick ass idea, which I dutifully took down in my notes. I think it might be my next project, despite all the other ideas and one half-complete outline for something else I have kicking around. So many ideas, not enough time or brain cells. And before you ask, no, not going to tell you anything about the idea other than it involves a tree.

This, by the way, is why I laugh when newbie writers walk into my favorite writing forum, Hatrack, and suggest that they would like to offer their ideas for sale since the ideas are great but this person has neither the time nor skill to exploit said ideas. I’ve seen it several times and every time I laugh until I cry, then someone much more diplomatic about it than I could possibly be in this situation politely lets them know that most writers have more ideas than they have time to write and therefor are unlikely to buy someone else’s ideas, especially not for real money. Cracks me up every time. I drown in ideas, fragments that eventually coalesce into real ideas and the like. Hell, they usually distract me from actually finishing anything. Buy someone else’s, hahaha.

So, yeah, things are going well, my brain is currently a wreck but will likely be better tomorrow, at least enough for work, and life is otherwise fairly good.