Sorry about the slight delay in my usual blog-writing routine, but I wanted my next post to be this one, because I was already really close. That and I have a cold kicking my ass, so I’ve been trying to hit the sack at a decent hour lately in hopes of recovery. That battle is not going well, but somehow, it isn’t really slowing down the writing. Thank the gods for that one.

But back to our topic of the day, though: winning. As in I just won NaNoWriMo! How do you win? Simple, you get your 50k words written by the 30th of November (I’m a little ahead of schedule here, but shhh, don’t tell). Are there any prizes, you ask? Um, well, no, not even the right to a break in my case, since there’s still a lot more story to tell. But this is a major milestone here! 50,000 words (more really if you account for changed minds and minor edits) have spilled from my brain to splatter onto my NetBook. Hmm, sounds a lot less appealing put that way. Either way, the work continues, with the race now being to see how much of it I can get written before the end of November, when it becomes, well, More Writing In December. Definitely not catchy. Hmm, have to work on that.

As far as the technical numbers, now that I have that load of gushy happiness out of my system, I’m currently at 50,107, probably done for the night, but I couldn’t guarantee that. It’s been a big last few days, with Chapters 9 and 10 being completed, plus a chunk of 11. Every day has been a big number day, 3214 on Wednesday, despite being too sick to write (or work) until almost 5 pm, 3193 on Thursday, and 3667 today. Funny, I only just realized today’s total is exactly 2k above pace.

Now comes something a bit challenging. My story has take a MAJOR detour from my outline, largely thanks to Tavis and his constant refusal to do or be what I originally intended. That’s okay, because I like him better this way and I think it’ll be better for the story as a whole, the new direction, which was partly his point. But it means that from today on, all but the very end of my outline is useless, totally wrong. Okay, I’m a professional, I can deal with this. I might spend some time tomorrow morning redoing that part of my outline. I haven’t bothered updating the outline for changes prior to now, mostly because the changes have been minor, or mere rearranging. This isn’t and I think I need to work out some of it before I write it, or I’ll write myself onto a barren plain with no idea how to get my cast from there to where they need to go (yes, this has happened, in fact, it’s what happened to Elemental, which now lingers in the “I’ll get back to it one day” limbo). I don’t think it’ll take that long to work it out. The whole outline took me 6 days, with no idea really where I was going. Now it’s just a matter of making some decisions and writing down where I want to go so I don’t forget or get distracted by rainbow unicorns later. Okay, there are no rainbow unicorns in the story (sorry) but you get the point. Besides, the time spent on the outline will probably pay off in more productive writing during the time I spend on that. It certainly has worked out that way so far.

So yay, I won. Now this humble writer (slave to her characters’ whims) must get back to her NetBook and keep pounding away. The rest of this story isn’t going to write itself any more than the first 50k did. Also, I’m now keeping notes on things I know I need to rewrite/ add in when first draft is done and editing begins. Some of it might get done before I put it in a drawer to age, just because I might as well since I know it has to be done. We’ll see how I feel about it when I finally type The End. I may be too exhausted by this marathon to do anything other than gibber in a corner and cry by that point.