Before I write anything about the usual stuff, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you, my readers, friends and family. Thank you for the comments, the words of encouragement, the support. This has been so far a fairly major undertaking and you make it easier to dive in on a bad day, knowing you’re behind me, cheering me on. At least, I think that’s cheering. It might be you all muttering under your breath for me to finish the damned thing so you can read it. From my keyboard, it’s hard to tell the difference.

And so, on to the business at hand, another looking back, looking forward post now that the second week has closed and the third begun.

As many of you have already figured out (bless your smartypants), last week was a smashing success, aided in part by a long weekend that was fully exploited. I won’t go into that too much, since I already wrote at some length about it in my last post. You’ll all be glad to know, though, that my brain is relatively healed from the busting it endured last weekend. Monday was a fairly good day, as long as you don’t judge by most of last week’s standard, with another 2392 words being added. I was right, too. Things do seem to be moving at a faster pace now that Tavis and Fay are joined at the hip. As it stands, I closed the second week insanely ahead of pace, at 36,263 words in total. I’m starting to think maybe 85-90k for the novel as a whole, first draft. But then, any guesses for total novel length at this point are still little more than cosmic spitballing, so take it all with a grain of salt.

The third week is off to a good start. Okay, better than good. Totally monster start, to be entirely honest. I came home and got started writing while dinner was cooking, which is unusual for me. I normally make dinner, eat, then write, but today I just couldn’t wait. Now I can see why. I’ve hardly done anything else all night. And an amazing thing happened. I just kept going and now, when I’m ready to call it a night so I have time to think about what to do next, I find myself at 40,033 words! That’s right, 3770 words on a weeknight, into Chapter 9 now and hitting a goal I thought I would need at least another day to get to! I feel beyond awesome now. This is a fantastic way to start the week. While I have no illusions that I’ll keep that pace up all week, it is encouraging. I may hit 50k this weekend! So yeah, go me! Even I’m cheering me on at this point.

One thing I would like to cover right now, before we go any further. I think I’ve said this before, but I AM going to repeat myself on this, with more detail this time. When the book is done, it is going into a metaphorical drawer for at least a couple weeks. Then I will haul it out, reread and edit it. Depending on what shape it’s in when that is done, either I will go back and edit it again or a couple of people, I repeat, a couple of people will be asked to read and comment. This process is likely to take an unknown number of months.

While I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm to read this book once done (and I really do appreciate it, it warms my heart actually), I’d really rather keep the number of people reading unpolished work to a minimum, for a variety of reasons including retaining the good opinion you guys seem to have of me. I really would love to have you all read it, to share the story with you. It’s why I write, to tell stories and share them with others, but I want that to happen when the story is ready to be shared, rather than when it’s a half-written mess, which is, to be honest, what is most likely to be my opinion of it when it’s done. I’m too busy getting it down to focus too much on quality. I already think I have some continuity issues (minor ones) and at least one chapter where I want to change which character is telling it, but that can wait. I want to get this done and all the way to the end, rather than get bogged down in getting the early parts perfect. Because if I do get bogged down like that, then you’ll never get to read it, because I have promised myself absolutely no more giving people half-finished manuscripts to read. And getting bogged down in attempted perfection means never finishing for me. Trust me, been there, done that, didn’t want the t-shirt. So be patient, even once you see that glorious announcement here that I wrote “The End”. Give me some time to make sure the story you read is a good story. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it later.

Okay, that’s enough for one night. I really think I broke my brain tonight, so I must rest it. I’m fighting off a bad cold that’s trying to kick my ass while doing all this and work, so I need my rest if I’m going to keep pounding away at the keyboard every day. Until next time!