So, time for the weekend wrap-up and this having been a long weekend, there’s more to wrap up than usual. Almost two full weeks into NaNo, and it’s still going well. I went in, as you know, with a goal of 30k by the end of the weekend. How, you ask, did I do on that (yes, some of you know from Facebook, but it’s still going in the blog as some people only read this)

Friday was a good day. I got started early and managed to write 3939 words. Part of what was driving me was being so close to my two protagonists meeting. It’s a fairly big milestone in the story and for both characters, and I was excited to be at that point. That drive continued into Saturday, as did the early start, driving me to a new record (and a very tired broken brain by the end of the day) of 4428 words for the day. That put me over my weekend goal at that point, which was amazing. Today has been a lot lower, for a variety of reasons, including the regrettable lack of any kind of magical creature to do my chores and errands for me while I write, plus a fairly stellar headache that took a while to go away. At least I was able to get back to work when it did. Still, despite all that, I managed 2995, and that isn’t too bad. It wasn’t like I wrote all day as I did the other two days of this weekend. So, what does all this bring my total to now? 33,871, and the protagonists are together at last. Also, this brings me to the end of Chapter 8.

With this milestone now reached, though, Tavis and Fay are now going to have to deal with each other. They also have to go find out the answer to that age-old question of “what the heck was that thing?” This is going to interesting and challenging to write properly, but that’s okay. Challenges are good, and it’s nice to be getting on with the rest of the story. I think I’m up to it, especially if I keep remembering that it’s first draft, doesn’t have to be perfect, that the object is to get it down right now.

So I’m currently well ahead of pace, which also puts me well ahead on the road to achieving the goal of 50k by November 30. That’s good, but I really want to see how far I can get by that date, so I’m not going to slack off or stop early. That would defeat one of the purposes of my doing NaNo anyway, which was to write a whole novel, to finish one for once. Since I’m certain it’s going to take a fair bit more than 50k to tell this story, I can’t afford to slack off. In fact, I suspect the book won’t be done by the end of the month, even with how well it’s been going, but that just means carrying on the pace and personal commitments that are part of NaNo into December, until the book is done. Then, I swear, I’m giving myself a well deserved break for a bit. Probably. You never really know when your brain is going to get eaten by another idea that you just have to write, and now. If that happens, well, I’ll survive. I’m still enjoying myself, so it’s all good.