Like the title says, here on day two, and so far so good. Okay, that’s maybe understating it a little. It’s going very well so far, I just don’t want to jinx it. See, the pace you’re supposed to hit, to finish on time (50k words by November 30) is 1667 words per day. Now, keep that in mind while I tell you what I’ve done so far.

Day one I was pretty happy just to get started on time and beat goal a little, 1931 words for the day. But I figured I couldn’t expect that today, since I was home sick from work yesterday (yes, I really was sick, but I felt well enough to try some writing by mid-afternoon and I was not going to start out my first NaNo by missing the start date). So I came home from work today, had dinner and sat down to write, which honestly was the biggest thing on my mind all day. I think I may be more than a little distracted at work all month at this rate. Oh well. So I sat down, wrote, drank tea (my official writing beverage is green tea), wrote some more, snacked and wrote even more. And it was good first draft too. Oh, did I mention I wrote 2228 words? Oh yeah! So now I’m at a total of 4159 words, feeling good about it and looking at the tracker on the NaNo website that now says I’m due at this pace to hit my 50k on November 24th. How awesome is that?

The funny thing is that, so far at least, it doesn’t feel like being forced to write. It’s more like a small prod, an excuse to get my butt in that chair (figuratively since I sit on my bed when I’m writing) and spin the words out. If this goes well, NaNo may become part of my yearly calendar. Yeah, I know, don’t get carried away, it’s still early days, all that. Believe me, I know, but it’s nice that this doesn’t feel like a chore, which I was a little worried about, and that it’s going well so far. Of course, all of my attempts at writing a novel start out well and then eventually fall off somewhere around the middle, but this time I know where I’m going with this, I have that full outline. Yes, some of it will probably change before I’m done, but that roadmap will help get me there I think. I hope. Well, we’ll see.

I’ll post more later, at the end of week one for sure, maybe sooner if things are still going well beyond expectations. I mean, this post is really just an opportunity to pat myself on the back, but I think I’ve earned it, a little at least. It’s starting things that always scares me off, but I started this one, and it is well begun. Until next time, guys. I need to go let my brain and my fingers have a rest now.