Yes, I know, it’s been way too long, since my last post.  But as I said before, life is what happens while you’re making other plans and the last few months have been the epitome of that for me.


I have fairly purposely not talked a lot about my personal life in this blog as that’s not the reason I have this.  But something has happened that is pertinent to my writing life in a way, so I’m going to mention it.  My husband and I have separated.  While I had stopped writing due to difficulties before that, the event has made the last few months hectic, painful and generally not conducive to writing.  Now I’m trying to put my life back together and I’m trying to get my writing back on track in order to help with that goal.


I stopped working on Elemental months back.  I’m at a major impass on it and it needs some thinking about.  I need to do some more world-building.  The whole world it’s in feels empty, plain and really not there.  So that is on hold.  I’ve had a bunch of ideas for other things, but one of them is starting to gel, so I’m making some serious notes.  I just picked up a new program, Omni Outliner, and I’m trying that out as a way to make notes, be able to rearrange them and explore the world without being in the middle of drafting the story itself.  I’ve only just begun (started yesterday), but so far it’s going well.  The project I’m working on now is called Ring Finger.  Right now I have two Outliner files going, one for the story outline itself, one for Characters.  I’ll probably start a third soon for notes about the world itself and the peoples in it.  We’ll see where this goes.


I know I should be trying to finish off something, to actually finish a novel, which I’ve never done, but I feel like trying to push forward with Elemental right now would do more harm than good.  It’s not about having to rewrite anything I wrote now, as I believe that rewriting is part of the process of editing and polishing.  It’s about knowing where I’m going.  I think I had outpaced my thinking the story through, and I really never did much for world-building.  I do intend to come back to Elemental, eventually, though.  I just feel like, for right now, I need to let that sit in the back of my mind.  It’s kind of how I do things.  I think best when I’m not thinking about it.  Sounds strange, but trust me, normal is never a descriptor applied to me by people who know me.