So the week didn’t go as I had hoped.  I didn’t get much writing done, and it is the first week I haven’t made my goal.  I think I know why.  There are a lot of things in my life that are up in the air, in both the work and personal spheres, and it’s making it hard to concentrate on anything.  Part of me says it’s just an excuse, but I try to remind myself that, even if it is, it’s a pretty valid one.  If it is that, I foresee this week likely not being so good for writing either.  In fact, the next few might not be so hot.  But I’ll ride it out, and at least try to get some writing done, as that’s better than letting it go entirely.

Oh, and the actual number for this (now past) week, I wrote 2.3k, bringing the manuscript to 53.3k.  It’s something, it’s better than nothing, but it’s not what I had planned for.  Of course, I did also lose most of a day to climbing a small mountain around here, and have been in pain from sore muscles since.  I’m not setting a goal for this coming week for all of the reasons mentioned above, but I will be trying to get something done.