It’s really the only way I can think to describe this weekend, writing-wise.  The week started off well.  I sat down Monday and put up about 1300 words.  I wrote at least a few hundred more on tuesday.  I was in good enough shape that I gave myself Wednesday and Thursday off when I didn’t feel like writing.  Friday also went well, same with Saturday.  In fact, the week went so well that, going into Sunday, I only needed to write a little under 1k to hit my weekly goal.  Well, I did that.  I did more than that.  I wrote so much today that my total for the week is 8.2k, thoroughly destroying my goal.  Honestly, this is the sort of weekend and weekly total I expected last weekend.  Oh, and that total?  It doesn’t even include the approximately 2600 for the scene I worked back in from the original draft, or what went into smoothing it into this draft.  So Elemental currently stands at 36.5k, which means that I’ve now gotten it past where it was, length-wise, when I sliced it up.  And it’s better, much better.

And so, for next week, the goal is 6k.  Yes, I know, I did a lot more than that this week, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself and sabotage the project by expecting every week will be this good.  If I blow that 6k away, so much the better, and I’ll celebrate if that happens.  But they do say that slow and steady wins the race, and I agree, in this at least.