And now it’s time for the weekly update!  Another slow time during the week, though better than last week.  Two days of almost 400 each day, but that was just during the week.

I’ll say this right now, I had hoped to get more done this weekend, to totally blow away my 5k goal for this week.  Why?  Because I took Friday off for a long weekend.  I figured I could get a good push in on Thursday night, write a bunch all weekend for goal-destroying total.  That so didn’t work out.  One of my cats started behaving oddly Thursday night, hissing and spitting when he’s normally fairly friendly, and that continued with steady but kind of slow improvement each day right until about last night, and dealing with that and keeping him and my other cat from fighting  really cut into my writing time this weekend.  He’s okay now and I’m grateful for that, but I also look back and think about the time that I wanted to spend writing, and I’ll admit to a bit of regret as I look at this week’s total.  As it is, with all of that, I’m amazed that I managed to get my goal accomplished.  I did though, with a little extra, 5.5k for the week, mostly in an amazing run on Saturday and another today.  And the story is coming together well.  I have hopes for it.  I have, again, enough notes to take me through next week’s writing and beyond.  I’m even going to be able to work in one of the scenes that I cut with the intention of reintroducing soon.  That won’t be part of my words total when I do, since it’s already written and will only require some massaging to make it fit in seamlessly.  It would be cheating to count that as it’s already written.  That’ll be nice though, to get to that milestone.

I’m setting the goal at 5.5k for next week, since I did manage that this week, but I’m seriously hoping to get more than that, maybe up to 6k or so.  I need to start pushing more output if I want this done, and maybe even have the first draft edited by the end of the year.  I mean, I’m happy with what I’m getting down, and that’s worth going a little slower, but I’m also trying to push myself too.  It’s kind of a balance thing.  We’ll see how it goes.

Also, I’m letting my brain think about another novel idea I’ve been working on for a year or so, Stoneheart.  I changed one of my main characters names to something easier to pronounce, and just plain more him.  Also, starting to think about it in terms of scenes.  I’m going to have to think about how I want it to end, as I’m not going to let myself even consider starting to write it until I have that down.  Of course, I’m also not going to start seriously thinking about writing Stoneheart until I have the first draft of Elemental done.  And would you believe that I have two or three other novels in notes and such waiting behind this one too?  Inspiration is definitely not my problem.  Not being distracted from what I’m working on already by all the inspiration running through my brain is.  There are worse problems to have though.  I just have to train myself to make the notes and keep focused on the task at hand.  Right now, that’s Elemental.