Wow, two posts.  I think that makes this my second-longest blog every about writing.  Yes, I know, that’s sad.  I’m highly distractible.  I’m working on that, as it’s one of my least favorite things about myself.  We’ll see how long this one goes, though.  I’m going to be trying to post at least once a week.  Sometimes they’ll just be updates as to how much writing I’ve done, to keep pushing myself and the current work in progress (WIP) forward.  Sometimes it’ll be about insights in writing or my own process for writing.  Most of the time, it won’t be personal stuff, because I don’t often talk about those types of things online, especially under my own name.


As of right now, for the week, I’ve written about 4k, bringing the Elemental to a touch over 15k so far.  I’d probably have more, but I was feeling very lazy yesterday and gave into it (I know, bad me).  Still a long way to go, but I’m fairly happy with what I’ve written this week.  By no means is it perfect, but for first draft, it’s pretty good.  That’s enough for me right now.  I will probably write more today, as I’m in a good place with it and I think I know what I want the rest of my current scene to include (always nice), but I’m taking a brain-rest break right now.  Oh, also, 4k is kind of my minimum weekly goal, barring some kind of major life-upsetting disaster.  I’d like to do more every week, and will try to push myself to do more, but for  now, that’s the goal.  I might move the goal as I get used to writing regularly again, but that also depends on how well things are coming together and whether I’m actually putting out good draft as opposed to fairly empty words on the screen.  I’ve done both in the past and I’m honest enough with myself to know that for me, speed doesn’t always go hand in hand with good work.  Sometimes it does, but I have to keep an eye on it.  Some of this week’s writing has been fresh draft (ie pick up where I left off and go forward).  Some of it has been going back and adding important details or a scene I forgot to include or just realized I needed.  But pretty much no editing.  I’m sticking with what I said.  I can’t let myself get stuck on trying to make the early parts perfect at the expense of getting it done.  No one (except maybe dead famous writers) gets to publish unfinished manuscripts, so finishing is the priority.  Editing can come later when I have the general shape of everything down and in hand to work from.


So that’s about all I had to say.  So far, so good.  Making progress and happy with the progress I’m making.  I did tell you subsequent posts would be shorter.